A player dedicated to working hard and committed to the game, Ajla Tomljanovic joins TopCourt to help take your game to the next level. In her comprehensive class, Tomljanovic  shares how family is everything to her, and without their love and support, her dreams of being on the WTA Tour might not have come true. From first-hand experience, she gives advice to players suffering from injuries and talks about managing the pressures of playing a tennis match.

You will learn the secrets behind her world-class backhand and the drills that helped develop her versatile groundstroke game.

Join Tomljanovic  as she tells her story and how she developed into a rising star on the WTA Tour.

What you can expect to learn from Tomljanovic 's class

Technique: In Tomljanovic 's TopCourt class, she teaches the techniques and varieties of her most dominant shot, the backhand. The backhand is a shot that came naturally to her, and Tomljanovic  enjoys breaking down the basics behind her powerful shot. She breaks down the importance of having proper distance between your arms and body, having soft wrists to get under the ball, and emphasizes how good posture plays a significant role in the outcome of your shot.

Tomljanovic  shares how hitting a good backhand can set you up for shorter shots and introduces the backhand swinging volley. A shot that requires particular preparation, timing, and execution, Tomljanovic  teaches you all about how to hit this point-winning shot.

Drills: Tomljanovic shares three personally chosen insightful drills in detail and shows examples of her performing the drills on court so that you can implement them into your next practice.

Each drill highlights a strength of Tomljanovic 's versatile groundstroke game. The first drill, "4 Corners," was one that Tomljanovic  consistently practiced as a junior, and focuses on moving your opponent off the court with different shot shapes, spins, and depth. The second drill, "Talk Thirty to Me," is a drill that Tomljanovic  practices nearly every day.

The drill showcases the pattern of two crosscourt shots and focuses on shot accuracy and your mental game, creating a high-pressure match-like situation. Her third drill, "L Drops," helps you reset your timing if you've taken some time away from the game. The drop feeds will help you find your range, sweet spot, and feel a good rhythm.

Stories: In a series of 6 episodes, Tomljanovic shares personal stories about her life and tennis journey. Since she was young, the Australian dreamt big and was dedicated to the sport. She was naturally talented and easily understood how to construct points from the very beginning. Tomljanovic talks about how her family has played a significant role in her life and accomplishments by supporting and encouraging her to follow her dreams.

She describes a young Tomljanovic  as "stubborn," but in a way where she was disciplined and strong-minded on becoming the best tennis player possible. She talks about turning pressure into a positive and using it to lead you to success. At 22 years old, she had shoulder surgery which sidelined her for a year and a half. She shares the thoughts and questions that went through her mind during that time, and what it took to rehab and believe in her comeback.

She goes in-depth on the mentality of approaching tennis matches with the thought that you are the underdog to help relieve the prematch nerves and pressure. Taking point by point and reminding herself that the match is long, Tomljanovic  talks about how you always have a chance to come back and win as long as there is still a point to play. As she matures on tour, Tomljanovic 's future is bright, and she shares her goals and motivation in the depths of tennis.

Her life motivation is "Whatever you are doing in life, do it the best that you can, and the best way possible." You can be inspired by the dedication, hard work, and commitment to the game that Tomljanovic  shares with you through this series of episodes.