ST PETERSBURG, Fla. -- The WTA announced Tuesday the 2023 election results for the WTA Players’ Council, WTA Tournament Council and WTA Board of Directors.

Victoria Azarenka has been re-elected to the Players’ Council as a Top 20 representative and will be joined in that role by new member, Caroline Garcia. Daria Saville has been newly elected to the 51-100 position, while Gabriela Dabrowski was re-elected for the 21+ position/doubles only position.

On the Tournament Council, Gerard Tsobanian has been re-elected as the Europe 1000 representative. Laura Ceccarelli will move over as the APAC 500 representative and Luiz Carvalho as the APAC 250 representative. Kyle Ross is a new member of the Tournament Council, elected as the Americas 250 representative. 

Adam Barrett (Tournament Board Chair and Americas Representative), Bob Moran (Tournament Alternate Representative) and Anja Vreg (Top 20 Singles Player Representative) were all re-elected to their respective WTA Board of Directors positions. Kurt Zumwalt joins the Board representing singles players 21-100+ along with the doubles only players.  Zumwalt has served in various financial roles including Treasurer at Amazon and Pro Business Services along with financial roles at Intel and Microsoft.  He has also served on the USTA Board of Directors from 2019-2022.

Below is the full list of members who serve on the WTA Board of Directors:

Player Board Representatives

  • Vanessa Webb: Council Chair; 1-100+ Singles and Doubles-Only Representative
  • Anja Vreg: Top 20 Singles Representative
  • Kurt Zumwalt: 21-100+ Singles and Doubles-Only Representative
  • Brandon Burke: Player Alternate Representative

Tournament Board Representatives

  • Adam Barrett: Council Chair, Americas Representative 
  • Peter-Michael Reichel: Europe Representative 
  • Cameron Pearson: Asia-Pacific Representative 
  • Bob Moran: Tournament Alternate Representative 

Additional Board Representatives

  • Steve Simon: WTA CEO
  • David Haggerty: Federation Representative
  • Kris Dent: Federation Alternate

Players’ Council members

  • Victoria Azarenka: Top 20 member
  • Caroline Garcia: Top 20 member
  • Madison Keys: Top 20 member
  • Jessica Pegula: Top 20 member
  • Donna Vekic: 21-50 member
  • Daria Saville: 51-100 member
  • Gabriela Dabrowski: 21+ and doubles-only representative
  • Alex Krunic: 101+ and doubles-only representative

Tournament Council members

  • Adam Barrett: Council Chair; Americas Board Representative 
  • Bob Moran: Americas 500 member; Board Alternate
  • Gavin Ziv: Americas 1000 member
  • Kyle Ross: Americas 250 member
  • Peter-Michael Reichel: Europe Board Representative 
  • Gerard Tsobanian: Europe 1000 member
  • Alastair Garland : Europe 500 member
  • Aljoscha Thron: Europe 250 member
  • Cameron Pearson: Asia-Pacific Board Representative  
  • Charles Hsiung: Asia-Pacific 1000 member
  • Laura Ceccarelli: Asia-Pacific 500 member
  • Luiz Carvalho: Asia-Pacific 250 member

The newly elected and re-elected Tournament Council and Board representatives’ terms began Aug. 30, 2023, with the new Players’ Council terms to begin following the 2023 WTA Finals in Cancun. The WTA’s governance structure consists of its Board of Directors, the Players’ Council and the Tournament Council.