BEIJING -- For Marie Bouzkova and Sara Sorribes Tormo, the biggest benefit of winning the biggest doubles title of their careers at the China Open?

It meant the two friends could play alongside each other for the longest possible time before their seasons end.

"Marie of course is a very good friend, someone that I really love," Sorribes Tormo said. "It's very nice to be playing with a person that no matter what happens on the court it's going to be everything OK. We are just trying to enjoy every time we play together, trying to enjoy every time we can practice together.

Bouzkova, Sorribes Tormo win first WTA 1000 doubles title in Beijing

"We enjoy having time together. We have, of course, our space as well. We are focused on our singles and we are trying to improve every day. It's of course a pleasure."

Beijing was the first WTA 1000 doubles title for both Bouzkova and Sorribes Tormo and just the fourth doubles titles of their respective careers. Both bowed out in the first round in singles, but the team used their doubles campaign to continue to refine and hone their singles craft. 

"I think more than being friends, the energy that we have, always fighting for our lives in every match, that's the attitude we have in singles," Bouzkova said. "That's something we improve thanks to the doubles as well. Every single point we just have to give ourselves the best chance we can in the moment. So that works in the singles and we bring it to the doubles as well.

"We just work on the things that we work on every single day and in the match it's even more important. So we have the space to do it there."

For Sorribes Tormo, the positive reinforcement they both provide to each other helps instill the belief and commitment both are trying to refine in their singles games. 

"For example, in the serve, I need to go more, so she tells me, 'You need to go'" Sorribes Said. "So I said, 'OK, I need to go.' That helps me in the singles because I know I was not serving very well and most of the time just putting the ball in. I knew for a long time ago that I need to change and I'm working on it. 

"For her at the net, when we first start, I told her, 'OK, one shot and you go,' and she said, 'No, I don't go.' Now she says, 'I go.' It doesn't matter if we miss, we know it's going to make us better players."

Keeping their eyes focused on the big picture, on improvement and not results, is the only way to stay sane in the sport, Sorribes Tormo said. 

"For me here, it was an amazing week," she said. "I lost to Iga [in singles], but I really learned because she's doing amazing things. Having Marie at my match, when I finished the match we talked about what Iga did and then we went to practice.

"This is the best thing because if you only focus on the result, it's very difficult. You can win one day and then next day you lose. If you take the things only from the results, I don't see it. For me, it doesn't work like that. 

"For me, it's been an amazing season, coming from the injury and being able to play many tournaments. You never know when you're going to be ready to win a tournament or even a couple of rounds. You just have to do your work every day and try and keep improving."