Will Ferrell jokingly listed the best celebrity tennis players in Hollywood during a hilarious impromptu press conference in Melbourne on Thursday. 

The Anchorman star is a keen player and fan of the sport - and has spent the week watching the action unfold at the Australian Open.

Ferrell was asked by former ATP star Jim Courier: "Who's the best tennis-playing celeb out there? You live in LA. There are a lot of them that like to play."

The funnyman's ironic reply, recorded in the video below, drews laughs from the assembled media. 

Ferrell also spoke of his admiration for Caroline Wozniacki after witnessing her dramatic comeback against Jana Fett in the second round on Wednesday.

"The Wozniacki match yesterday was, you know, kind of the perfect metaphor for just how tough it is, even when you're up 5-1," said Ferrell.

"In fact, I turned to my wife and I said, 'If she can get it to 5-3, she has a chance to win this whole thing.'

"I think it just shows the mental side of the game and how she was able to kind of draw on her experience. It's funny how, when a less experienced player is up 5-1 in the final set, they're almost, you know, the pressure is on them to close it out.

"You knew she was just sitting there going, 'Okay, if I just get one game, try to get another, otherwise no one expects me to win it at this point.'

"It was just fun to see her kind of slow the game down and, you know, draw on that."

Ferrell, 50, who is a familiar face on the tennis circuit, decided to come to Melbourne on the advice of a friend's wife, who is Australian.