From the indoor courts of Montreal to center court at Wimbledon, Eugenie Bouchard’s quick rise to the biggest stages of tennis captured the world. Now, Bouchard joins TopCourt to share her experiences on and off the court to help players reach for their dreams. From her meteoric rise to recent injuries, she takes us through her journey and will teach you specific shots and drills she works on daily.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from Bouchard’s TopCourt class:

Instruction: In a series of comprehensive classes, Bouchard teaches you two of her most aggressive weapons: the return, and the swing volley. Both shots have contributed to her ability to take control of points and set herself up to execute point-winning shots. Bouchard also takes you through her pre-match warmup routine and shows you specific exercises to ensure your body is firing on all cylinders and ready to compete. She discusses the importance of the warmup not only for her body but for her mind.

Drills: Bouchard teaches three of her favorite drills that lead her to her aggressive game style and success on tour. Starting with her “Approach Volley Overhead,” Bouchard teaches a fundamental drill to help you attack and transition forward into the net. Her “Aggressive Change of Direction” drill will help you with mastering your shot selection and deciding when to go for the winner down the line. Finally, Bouchard’s “Half X Drill” will help you focus on movement, hitting the ball in the right spot, and getting back for deep balls and up into the court for the short ball.

Stories: In a series of nine episodes, Bouchard opens up about her professional tennis journey. A career filled with highs and lows, Bouchard begins by sharing she was born with a passion for the game, played her first tournament at 8 years old, and never looked back. Even from a young age, Bouchard was highly focused and determined to be her best. She treated tennis as a full-time job, with year-round practice and tournaments, great coaches and tough competition. She opens up about her experience at a Florida academy and how traveling the ITF circuit set her on a path to greatness. She discusses her first years on tour and how playing with freedom and confidence allowed her quick success.

She reminds us all that belief and confidence are essential traits that determine a player’s success. Bouchard also discusses the trials and tribulations that a young pro with quick success has to face and a new perspective that lead her to the semifinals of the Australian Open and French Open, and the finals of Wimbledon. Bouchard also discusses the unrealistic expectations weighed on her and her process of “blocking out the noise.” After several injuries and lackluster results, Bouchard is more motivated than ever, looking forward to the road ahead to get back to top.