Growing up, there was little doubt Caty McNally’s future would be bright. Now, the American is spreading her wings on the Hologic WTA Tour. Under the tutelage of her mother, a former touring pro, McNally flourished on the junior circuit, winning two Grand Slam doubles titles and is translating that success to the tour. Join McNally on TopCourt, as she shares the knowledge and fundamentals that helped set herself apart and gave her the confidence to play her brand of tennis.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from McNally’s TopCourt class:

Techniques: Being one of the best doubles players on tour, McNally is happy to share the secrets behind her net game in her TopCourt class. Join her in a “Volley 101” class, where she teaches you the same keys and fundamentals she learned as a young girl and still uses today. In her “McNally’s 5 Zones” class, she teaches point building by dividing the court into five zones and describes the shots to hit out of them to understand your game better.

Drills: In her TopCourt class, McNally teaches a masterclass of three of her favorite unique volley drills. Through these drills, you will learn how to comfortably approach the net, improve your reflexes and hands, and add the slice to your game as a weapon.

Episodes: Get to know one of the U.S.’ youngest rising stars in a series of six “Episodes,” where McNally opens up about her journey into professional tennis. She begins by discussing her upbringing and the family values that set the foundation for her success. Having dreams doesn’t always translate into belief, and McNally describes her journey to believing she could live out her dreams. McNally also discusses the importance of having a solid support system and how her All-American brother has been there for her on and off the court. She also talks about her friendship with fellow superstar CoCo Gauff and how they always keep things fun on the court. Whether on the court or in the gym, McNally values quality over quantity. In her TopCourt class, she also discusses her daily schedule and the things she’s working on in practice daily.