World No.25 Dayana Yastremska stepped up her impressive stand against the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 by releasing an animated PSA, which outlines the best practices and precautions to take as the global pandemic continues.

"I think it was a clever idea to present this whole situation around pandemic using a cartoon," Yastremska said. "The whole concept is clear and understandable by kids and adults."

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Yastremska previously partnered her eponymous charitable foundation with Aleksandr Gorenyuk, a member of Ukrainian parliament, to spread the word about containing the spread of COVID-19. 

Inspired by a cartoon drawing of herself given as an 18th birthday present, the three-time WTA title winner aims to make coronavirus the biggest rival of her young career, one she hopes everyone will help conquer.

Dayana Yastremska gets animated about coronavirus safety

"This cartoon was created by our team. Everyone there is a brilliant specialist. I had been actually painting myself until the animator showed me his vision – and it was undoubtedly better," she laughed, adding, "I am actually considering myself a budding dramatist since I enjoy coming up with different scripts. I think I could become a decent screenwriter." 

The video encourages viewers to stay home as much as possible, keep their hands clean, and maintain strict social distance while looking after grandparents and those most vulnerable to the virus. 

"The cartoon was dubbed by Ukrainian actors. The whole project took eight days. We were working fast, as it was very important to keep this project relevant. People need to understand how dangerous this virus is."