Tennis coach Judy Murray is sharing tennis games and drills - and wants more people to encourage their children to try out tennis during the current lockdown.

"I’m a huge believer that we can help develop the skills when kids are at a young age because if you develop then and build confidence at whatever sport you are interested in, it will serve them well for the rest of their lives," the former GB Fed Cup captain told Tennis365.

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"You need to make it fun first and then everything else can come after that and while you can have elements of competitiveness in games, you want to make sure they enjoy it can come back for more.

"The key for anyone working with kids in sport is to keep the kids engaged in the coaching lesson because we want them to stay in our sport. That means the challenges we set them need to be doable and challenging in equal measure and hopefully we find that balance."

The mother of two Grand Slam champions, Murray heads up the Miss-Hits initiative, encouraging more girls and women into the sport. Fun games she suggests include "balloon tennis" - which she says was very popular with her sons when they were smaller.

She also shares plenty of coaching drills on social media - and is currently challenging other high-profile people to try them out.

Child's play for Judy Murray at Tennis on the Thames