ST PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Furthering the mission of championing women’s health, the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) and its lead global sponsor and official health partner, Hologic, have united some of the world’s leading female athletes and healthcare experts to establish the Hologic WTA Women’s Health Taskforce.

Led by the WTA Performance Health team and its decades of sports sciences and medical expertise serving professional female tennis players, the taskforce includes six WTA athletes and 19 esteemed medical advisors. Its launch comes at a pivotal moment as the WTA celebrates the 50th anniversary of its founding with the theme “WTA 50: Just Starting.” 

This milestone includes leveraging five decades of data and experience about professional athletes to pursue the highest standards of knowledge and resources for women’s health globally.

The Hologic WTA Women’s Health Taskforce will focus on several specializations in female and performance health, as well as adolescent development in girls.

“The leadership and discovery from these exceptional women will mutually benefit WTA athletes and active women worldwide, as we deliver new pathways to healthier lives through education, expanded care and further research and policy standards,” said Kathleen Ann Stroia, Senior Vice President of the WTA Performance Health department and taskforce co-chair. 

Said Kim Clijsters, a former WTA World No.1, mother of three and athlete member of the taskforce: “We are honored to have these exceptional medical experts join the Hologic WTA Women’s Health Taskforce. By engaging in this initiative, we have a unique opportunity to influence the next generation of not only athlete care but also how women worldwide approach their health and well-being at every stage of life.”

The taskforce underscores the power of partnership, said Dr. Susan Harvey, MD, who contributes deep expertise in breast health and overall women’s health in her roles as taskforce co-chair and Hologic’s Vice President of Global Medical Affairs.

“It’s truly groundbreaking that we’re able to bring together top athletes, top medical experts, and two organizations who are leaders in championing women, all working collaboratively to improve women's health. This is such an impactful realization of what Hologic and the WTA aspire to achieve through our alliance.”

The taskforce has outlined a range of issues it plans to address, including sexual and reproductive health, physical and physiological health, injury and illness prevention, the female life span and technology and equipment. For each of these topics, the taskforce will strive to improve education, resources, governance standards and protocols, preventive care and longitudinal data.

 In the first months of its work, the taskforce will focus on new strategies to improve breast health, bone health and reproductive health within their respective networks, while leveraging findings to bolster related research.

The Hologic WTA Women’s Health Taskforce includes the following members: