Paula Badosa, the 11th-ranked player in the world, spoke to the WTA about her experience with Netflix's "Break Point." 

WTA Insider: How was the experience filming for the year?

Badosa: It was very cool. I think it's very good for tennis as well, to get to know a little bit what's going on inside, what people cannot see. 

In my case I tried to be 100% me. I think it's fun to get to know better not only me, the other players, too, and I think it will be interesting. It was a very nice experience because it was an amazing team that made everything very easy and I think it's cool. 

I think next year they're looking to do a little bit more as well. It's fun. Even for next generations, they can see you a little bit, and learn a little bit from you. I think that's pretty cool. 

WTA Insider: Were you nervous at all?

Badosa: Maybe at the beginning for me it was a little bit. I wasn't sure about it because sometimes you just need to protect a little bit yourself. To be so open, I don't know if it was the right decision, but then I thought, why not? And as I said before, I think it's nice that they can see the other part of this sport. 

I felt very comfortable because you didn't even feel that they were there. They did an amazing job with all of us and I think I felt pretty good. So the expectations at the beginning, I was a little bit afraid, but then it went pretty smooth and easy. 

WTA Insider: Have you watched other sports documentaries? If so, was there ever a moment when you thought, "Wow, I'm about to get that treatment?"

Badosa: I saw Drive to Survive. In the beginning, sometimes when I think about it like it's going to be me there, it's a little bit weird. But as I said, so many new experiences that I'm learning. But I'm trying to soak everything in. I'm learning a lot and I'm enjoying it.