LONDON, Great Britain - Former World No.2 Andrea Jaeger has joined forces with the Little Star Foundation charity to launch a worldwide art competition.

The American, along with former WTA player Adriana Solarova, of Slovakia, recently visited a school for visually impaired pupils in Wimbledon to mark the launch of the Little Star Global Art Competition.

The initiative, which opened this month, aims to discover unknown and unsung artists, to help children and showcase their art on a global scale.

Aspiring artists must be aged eight and above and are tasked with creating original art along the theme of kindness. A grand prize of $8,000 is on offer to the winner.

Andrea Jaeger and Adriana Solarova visit Linden Lodge (WTA)

Jaeger, a Wimbledon Legends competitor and founder of the Little Star Foundation, will donate her Wimbledon Legends prize money to the charity.

Sponsors are encouraged to donate to support entries from children’s hospitals, schools and orphanages from their home country.

Further details, including how to enter, can be found at:

Along with Solarova, Jaeger recently visited Linden Lodge School in Wimbledon, which specialises in education for visually impaired pupils, including those who are multi-disabled visually impaired.  

As well as promoting the Little Star Foundation art contest, Jaeger and Solarova visited classrooms to view some of the early entries. Andrea also put on a tennis clinic with the students.

Founded by Jaeger, the Little Star Foundation's mission is to improve the quality of life and provide long-term care for children with cancer and children in need, their families and communities.


Andrea Jaeger helps a child play tennis at Linden Lodge (WTA)

“Art has the potential to inspire, heal, educate and awaken children and people of all ages,” Jaeger said. “It is exciting that aspiring artists and children have Little Star’s Global Art Competition to create healing art and bring more kindness to the world. 

"Sponsorship donations from supporters are welcome and will help children at 220 major US children’s hospitals, international children’s hospitals, schools and orphanages to create art.

"Over 300,000 children will be diagnosed with cancer each year globally. There are roughly 153 million orphans and art is being cut from schools. Art helps transform the spirit, body and intellect. Art programs relieve stress, reduce pain, strengthen communication skills, improve strategic and creative thinking and increase empathy and social tolerance."

Jaeger and Little Star Foundation have provided over $125million worth of programs to help children with cancer and children in need worldwide.

Ann Austin (WTA), Adriana Solarova and Andrea Jaeger with children at Linden Lodge