The Little Star Foundation, created by former WTA World No.2 Andrea Jaeger, has revealed its Top 8 Great finalists, the winner of which will be voted for by the public.

The Foundation, which is run in aid of children effected by cancer, has announced a shortlist that is based on the themes Inspired Kindness Art and Stories of Courage, Strength, Love and Hope for All.

It is a truly global competition, with the finalists coming from locations as varies as California, Western Asia, the UK and New Zealand.

The Top 8 include a child refugee, a teen artist wishing for her mom’s stage 4 breast cancer to receive a miracle, childhood cancer survivors and more.

People are invited to donate $1.00 or more to vote on the Little Star Foundation website, which will bring support to suffering children, families and communities.

“What Andrea is doing by helping people with intellectual and physical challenges and promoting the arts through their gifts and talents is a gift to humanity,” a Chicago-based art teacher said. “Thank you, Andrea, for your kindness and willingness to expand opportunities, and grow self-esteem for those who most appreciate the effort.”

In 2020, the Little Star Foundation will celebrate its 35th anniversary.

Former Wimbledon finalist Jaeger said: “As 2019 draws to a close it is a wonderful time to reflect on how Your Example impacted lives. Little Star Foundation is welcoming 2020 as our 35th year improving the lives of children with cancer and children in need, their families and communities too. It has not been easy, tough roads we have been given and we have risen to the challenges every year.

“I hope you are inspired to donate and continue being part of the Little Star Foundation Family as together we have benefited millions of children's lives. With your help 2020 will be a historical year for Little Star as together we can reach our 35th year of providing every Little Star Program for free.

“Little Star Award Winning Programs include: Financial Assistance, Medical Care, Therapeutic Arts, Educational and Sports Programs, Scholarships and Outreach Support.”