MIAMI, FL, USA - Madison Keys took a break from her Miami Open preparations to help empower young women at her very own FearlesslyGirl summit.

Founded by Kate Whitfield, a speaker, author and social entrepreneur, FearlesslyGirl hosts school programs and events for teenage girls in the U.S. and Canada aimed at "creating a kinder world" by inspiring a generation of girls to be kinder to themselves and each other.

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Last week in Miami, Keys helped lead a group of girls, aged 11-18, in group discussions and activies. In addition to hanging out with Keys, all of the participants received custom Nike shirts and Miami Open gear as momentos. 

Keys became an ambassador for FearlesslyGirl in 2016, and has since hosted a number of summits focusing on boosting girls' self-esteem and curbing cyber-bullying - including the largest anti-bullying school assembly ever in 2017.

"It's really just getting a group of girls together in one room, putting them in a judgement-free zone, and saying 'Let's talk,'" Keys told Outside The Ball's Mayleen Ramey at the summit. "I think so often we all think that we're isolated, and that it's only happening to me. It's really hard to deal with things if that's how you're thinking."

Check out the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at Keys' FearlesslyGirl summit, courtesy of Outside The Ball.

“I just want people to know you can be competitive with other girls but still be friends,” Keys told WTA Insider in an interview. “That's literally our whole lives. We go out and we play each other and we both want to win this match, but then we come off the court and we know nothing is personal. She can beat me one week and I can beat her the next week and we're exactly the same.

“Learning how to do that is so necessary because you can be competitive with another girl and still want the best for them… You can be competitive and you can want to beat someone but you can also be positive and help push other girls to be good.”

WTA Charities was also on hand to present FearlesslyGirl with a donation in support their mission of creating a kinder world.

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