No topic was off limits as Naomi Osaka joined Venus Williams for a live Instagram workout and catchup session on Tuesday afternoon.

Osaka joined Williams' 'Tennis Tuesday' set of workouts, which are tailored for tennis players of all skill levels, and the two chatted throughout the duration of their dynamic warmup of stretches and footwork drills. 

Among other discussion topics related to the tour's suspension, the two Grand Slam champions discussed their reactions to the cancellation of Wimbledon, which led to a trip down memory lane to revisit their third round match from Wimbledon in 2017.

"I thought you played well," Williams said, while Osaka called the loss "the best I've ever played on grass."

"It's just been downhill from there," she joked. 

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Pressed for some of her favorite matches, Osaka also recalled a clash between the two in Hong Kong later that year, which the Japanese star won in straight sets, and her Australian Open triumph against Petra Kvitova.

"I didn't win that one, so it can't be your favorite!" the seven-time Grand Slam champion said with a laugh, while on the 2019 Australian Open final, Williams added: "That was epic. That was really a crazy match. Those are the kinds of matches you remember." 

During and in between sets, Osaka touched on how she's been trying to stay fit and spending time while in quarantine in California.

"I'm kind of doing nothing. I did a serious leg workout a couple of days ago, and I'm still sore!" she said with a laugh. "I'm hitting, but I'm not working out - it's more to make sure that I can still put the ball in the court.

"I was reading Kobe's book... and I'm thinking about re-reading Agassi's book, Open. It was really good. I read it a lot during car rides to tournaments."

 Moving into outdoor quarantine hobbies, Williams revealed that she's been dabbling in something new since she's been confined to her Florida home. 

"I've been planting. We're never home, so we kill the plants because we're never here," she said. "We have jalepeños. I'm a big jalepeño girl. I was so excited.

"We have basil, rosemary, Chinese cabbage... I found bananas growing randomly, so now that I'm not playing tennis? I'm gardening."

Osaka also discussed some of her favorite things to do off the court, which includes drawing with sister Mari, playing video games and watching basketball -- and the two former World No.1s bonded over their futility in a recent charity Mario Tennis competition, won by ATP player Taylor Fritz and TikTok star Addison Rae.

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“That was bad," Osaka giggled. "We were lagging... I think Taylor Fritz plays video games every second of the day or something.”

Venus retorted: "I didn't even get a game. It was a bloodbath. There were no survivors... I'd retired from video games because I got injured playing them, literally. My wrist and my shoulder. You know when they say, 'Don't keep playing if you feel numbness or tingling?'

"I felt numbness and tingling. I would be playing for hours. I think as a tennis player, as an athlete, you're obsessive and you do things obsessively. I don't even keep them in my house, because I'll play."

Wrapping up the session, Williams shared some of her favorite workout tunes with Osaka — including Dua Lupa, Doja Cat and Lizzo — as they discussed everything from their pet dogs to what they like to eat on tour. 

"I eat rice, sweet potatoes, potatoes... the same thing in every country. I'm going to miss Italy this year because it's just an eating-fest," Williams joked. "The gelato and the pasta, and the croissants in France. Last year, I think I gained like 20 pounds between Rome and France."

Osaka was just the latest guest to join in the American's social media initiative. Each week, the seven-time Grand Slam champion hosts workouts live on Instagram, encouraging her fans to stay fit and motivated in the current climate. 

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