Dr. Anita Biswas has worked in elite sport for over 25 years, with a variety of national and international sports teams working at the Olympic Medical Institute, The British Olympic Association Intensive Rehabilitation Unit and the English Institute of Sport. 

She has attended 3 summer and 1 winter Paralympic Games, The Commonwealth Games in Manchester, and the Olympics in both London and Rio, as well as numerous European and World Championships with a variety of sports. She has been a tournament doctor for the Men’s and Women’s professional tennis tours for over 20 years and is currently lead physician at Wimbledon. 

She has had responsible roles as part of the 2012 Olympics Work Groups, British Olympic Association Medical Steering Committee and UK Sport Anti-Doping Work Group, BASEM executive committee, and am a member of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine and a Fellow of the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine. She is also a member of the Medical Panel for the England and Wales Cricket Board, traveling regularly with the Men’s cricket team and a medical advisor for MINT diagnostics.


Dr. Anita Biswas studied medicine at Nottingham University, England, and f for a Masters’ degree in Sports Medicine at the Royal London Hospital (Queen Mary and Westfield College), before working at Headley Court, the Military Medical Rehabilitation centre and completing General Practice training in the UK.  She completed a Clinical Fellowship in Sports Medicine at the Department of Sport and Exercise Medicine at the Queen Medical Centre in Nottingham and has worked full time in Sport and Exercise. 


Dr. Anita Biswas is the Head of Sports Medicine at the English Institute of Sport and has a strategic role responsible for optimizing athlete health co-leading the Female Athlete Health and Performance Programme. As part of this programme, she has worked with a start-up company to develop award-winning cutting-edge technology which can be used to monitor female cycling hormones.