World No.5 Elina Svitolina and ATP star Gael Monfils are engaged! Tennis' power couple announced the news Saturday on social media.

While competing at the Miami Open last week, Svitolina celebrated an early-round win by wiggling her fingers at the camera. Then, after bowing out in the semifinals of the Miami Open to eventual champion Ashleigh Barty, Svitolina was on the next flight back to Europe. Now we know why.


Svitolina and Monfils, who run a joint Instagram account called "g.e.m.s. life" have been dating since 2018. Svitolina credits Monfils for bringing a sense of calm to her game.

"I talk more now with my coach," Svitolina said, when asked how Monfils has impacted her game. "I'm more open with my coach and also with Gaël about the tennis and my feelings. This really changed, I think, for the past, I don't know, nine, 10 months."

"I just always love the way that he pushes me to be better, and I also try to motivate him to be a better person, a better tennis player. I think this is the way that it has to be, and you have to really support each other and push for better results."

When asked how Svitolina has helped his game, Monfils was quick to point out her tireless work ethic.

"I admire what she's doing, how she works, the mentality she has," Monfils said at 2019 Dubai. "It's incredible. But I always say: but not for me, not for me. She's too serious for me. It's her way. It's her way to be where she is. Even to become better.

"Me, the only motivation that I will say that we have is to make the other proud. I love when she wins. I'm very proud of her. I think the same for her.

"For myself, I'm serious on my way, which is a normal way. It's not different. I put a lot of work with my coach, a lot of work with myself to be back. Definitely is a bit different than her. At the end we try to be at the top with different ways, different culture. That's the beauty of the relationship."