DUBAI -- Storm Hunter and Katerina Siniakova did not take long to find their winning formula. The two former No.1s took home their first team title of the year at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships. In just their second tournament together as a full-time pairing, Hunter and Siniakova did not lose a set to win the second WTA 1000 title of the year. 

WTA Insider spoke to Hunter and Siniakova ofter their 6-4, 6-2 win over Nicole Melichar-Martinez and Ellen Perez in the final to discuss their immediate chemistry and how they plan to balance singles and doubles this year.

WTA Insider: Was there something about the quicker conditions in Dubai that helped you throughout the week?

Siniakova: Well, actually, I feel really good on this surface on the court. So maybe it's also helpful that you feel more confident. Even if you miss a few shots, you still don't worry and you swing. But I think on the other hand, if you will not do it, you will lose anyway. So that's kind of what pushed me, telling myself you need to swing, you need to keep going. Because it's really tough. If you play a little bit slower, they will kill it. 

WTA Insider: Storm, you've enjoyed a solid start to your singles season and you're knocking on the door of a Top 100 debut. How has that impacted your doubles?

Hunter: I think just trusting myself with serve and return. I think my singles has helped that. I'm serving a lot more, playing a lot more singles matches and seeing just a lot more of the ball and also moving and having to change line in compromised positions. 

I think my ball-striking has been really good in singles and doubles so far this year. It's definitely given me the confidence on the doubles court that even if I'm going cross court, I'm hitting a really good ball and hopefully it sets up Kat at the net so she can kind of do her thing because she's all over the net. 

We both knew the court here rewarded that aggression. Even if we missed a couple it still felt good to be playing on your terms. Ellen was striking the ball unbelievable today. And at times you know you kind of can't do that but you just got to try and fight with the ball and try and get it back on your racquet. And I think we did that really well. 

WTA Insider: You're putting more focus on singles this year. How are you balancing that with being a top doubles player? 

Hunter: I'm working on my singles. It's getting there. I'm kind of working towards my goals, and then really enjoying the doubles with Kat, too. It's only our second tournament this season, it kind of feels like we've been playing for a while. I don't know why, but it does. 

I'm just taking it as it comes because I've been here playing for a long time. It doesn't always feel good on the court. Sometimes you're going to have those moments where you feel terrible and you're having losses. So I'm kind of just riding the wave right now while it's feeling good. Just keep sticking to the process and just trying to get as many matches as I can, really. 

WTA Insider: You both enjoyed very successful partnerships last season, but Katerina, your partnership with Barbora Krejcikova was a long one. Have you had to make any big adjustments with Storm?

Siniakova: I actually have to say I didn't need to really change too much. I have to focus on my game. Of course we needed to get used to each other, but I think it was pretty quick. And because we played a few tournaments together before, I think we both knew what's new, what's coming. 

So, yeah, definitely I didn't feel I did big changes. I'm enjoying time on the court with Storm, so I'm just really happy it's working. The season is long. So as Storm said, we will try to enjoy everything. I like it. 

WTA Insider: Katerina, your boyfriend (ATP No.63 Tomas Machac) was in the stands cheering you on in the final. How nice was it to have him here to see this?

Siniakova: Definitely good. I love it. It's much better when we can see each other, not just at the Grand Slam. 

I was pushing him, like, you need to get better to get to these tournaments (laughs). No, I'm joking. It's really nice that we can support each other and we can have some tournaments together. 

WTA Insider: How are you both planning tournaments this year?

Siniakova: I would say the big tournaments for everyone are the most important. And then we can still be in contact about the smaller ones if something goes wrong or we need more matches. So I think the communication is really, really good. But for sure, the big tournaments we want to play. 

Hunter: I'm not as highly ranked in singles as Kat but I'm getting there. I'm starting to get into the qualifying of the WTA 1000s now, which was a huge goal so I can play both. 

We're playing San Diego next week, Indian Wells and Miami, and then obviously clay season starts, but, yeah, we'll take it as it comes and take one tournament at a time.