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One of WTA Tour Players Association founders and served on the Board of Directors from 1974-84...Has represented the WTA TOUR on the Women's Tennis Council...Now President and inspiration for Sportswoman, Inc., a sports promotion and management company...Currently promoting the Tennis Classics, an over-30s circuit for both men and women...Also launched Midnight Productions, a television production company... Is distant relative of the renowned cellist Pablo Casals... Received only tennis lessons from her father, Manuel, who was a soccer player in his native El Salvador and was a member of the national team... Enjoys writing poetry, cooking, golf and going to the movies.

Career Highlights

Winner (incomplete): 1973 - Hilton Head, St. Louis; 1972 - Long Beach, Oklahoma City, Columbus; 1971 - Philadelphia, New York; 1970 - Houston; 1968 - Los Angeles; 1967 - n/a; 1966 - n/a.

Winner: 1988 - Oakland (w/Navratilova); 1982 - US Open (w/Turnbull); Toyota Series Championships (w/Turnbull); 1981 - Toyota Series Championships (w/Turnbull), Hilton Head (w/Turnbull); 1980 - Amelia Island (w/Kloss), Colgate Series Championships (w/Turnbull); 1979 - Oakland (w/Evert), Chicago (w/Stuart), Los Angeles (w/Evert), Hilton Head (w/Navratilova), German Open (w/Turnbull), San Diego (w/Navratilova); 1977 - Hilton Head (w/Evert); 1974 - US Open (w/King), Virginia Slims Championships (w/King), Detroit (w/King), Akron (w/King), Hilton Head (w/Morozova); 1973 - Wimbledon (w/King), Los Angeles (w/Heldman), Washington, DC (w/Heldman); 1971 - Wimbledon (w/King), US Open (w/Dalton); 1970 - Wimbledon (w/King), Italian Open (w/King), Queen's Club (w/King); 1968 - Wimbledon (w/King), Winchester (w/King); 1967 - Wimbledon (w/King), US Championships (w/King), Italian Open (w/Turner), South Africa (w/King).

Winner: 1975 - US Open (w/Stockton); 1970 - Wimbledon (w/Nastase), Newport (w/Drysdale).

Winner: 1991 - US Open (w/King); 1990 - US Open (w/King).

United States Fed Cup Team 1967, 76-81. United States Wightman Cup Team 1967, 76-82.

Career in Review

ò Won the first-ever Virginia Slims Series tournament, played in Houston, September 23-26, 1970
ò When she won doubles title at Virginia Slims of California with Navratilova in 1988, became second-oldest player ever to win a pro event at 39 years, 5 months (Billie Jean King won 1983 Birmingham at 39 years, 6 months)
ò Started on the international tour during her senior year of high school in 1966, before professional tennis 1981 - Passed $1 million in career earnings during 1981
ò U.S. Fed Cup Team captain in 1980 and 1981
ò Served as player-coach of U.S. Wightman Cup team in 1977, 1979 and 1980
ò Underwent knee surgery in July 1978 and managed only one singles final thereafter, at Manchester 1980
ò Official USTA ranking among the Top 5 for 11 years (excluded from ranking in 1966-75, while a contract pro)
ò Ranked 10 times No. 1 on U.S. doubles list, eight times with Billie
ò Jean King between 1966 and 1975, with Chris Evert in 1977 and JoAnne Russell in 1978
ò Entered the U.S. Top 5 for the first time in 1964 at 16 years old