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Coached by Stephan Giop...Introduced to game at age 8 by mother after playing against the wall at home...Serve-and-volley style of game; favorite shot is serve; likes to play on all surfaces...Mother's name is Nicole; father, Guy, is an electrician and artisan; has three older brothers and an older sister...Favorite places to visit are St. Raphael and Paris...Superstitions include even numbers in pairs...Self-described as one who likes to tell stories but is shy...Admires the playing styles of Martina Navratilova and Boris Becker, and admires Navratilova for what she did for women's tennis...Favorite movie is Stargate; favorite actor is Sharon Stone; favorite book is The Perfume...other sports interests include volleyball and handball.

Career Highlights

Winner: 1996 - ITF/Reims-FRA; 1994 - ITF/Bourgas-BUL.

Winner: 2005 - ITF/Marseille-FRA (w/Dekmeijere).
Finalist (2): 2005 - ITF/Cagnes Sur Mer-FRA (w/Vanc); 2004 - Canberra (w/McShea); 2002 - Strasbourg (w/Matevzic).
Semifinalist (8): 2005 - Antwerp, Strasbourg (both w/G.Navratilova); 2004 - Antwerp (w/Marosi), Strasbourg (w/Parra Santonja), Filderstadt (w/Weingartner); 2003 - Budapest (w/Fusai), Sopot (w/Cohen-Aloro), Helsinki (w/Marrero).

Career in Review

1994 - Won first pro title at ITF/Bourgas-BUL
1996 - Unseeded, won ITF/Reims-FRA, pushing ranking to No. 167
1997 - Recorded fourth-fastest serve on WTA Tour in 1997 with a 113.1 mph/ 182 km/h serve at Roland Garros; earned best win to date there, d. world No. 17 Appelmans in 1r
2002 - At Strasbourg, with partner Matevzic, reached first WTA Tour doubles final
2003 - Reached three WTA Tour doubles SF during season: at Budapest w/Fusai (her first SF since May 2002 Strasbourg), at Sopot w/Cohen-Aloro and w/Marrero at Helsinki; won ITF/Les Contamines-FRA w/Lamade and ITF/Poitiers-FRA w/Lamade
2004 - Runner-up in doubles at Canberra (w/McShea), also SF at Antwerp (w/Marosi), Strasbourg (w/Parra Santonja) and Filderstadt (w/Weingartner); also won one doubles title on ITF Circuit.
2005 - Reached two Tour doubles SF, at Antwerp and Strasbourg (both w/G.Navratilova); also captured 12th career ITF Circuit doubles title (w/Dekmeijere) at $50K ITF/Marseille-FRA.