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Baltimore native is very active in her community and hosts an annual charity tennis exhibition that benefits local children's charities through the Baltimore Community Foundation; since its inception in 1986, the event has distributed over $3 million to many diverse and needy non-profit organizations...In 1996, Shriver received the Family Circle Magazine Player Who Makes a Difference Award, honoring her outstanding contributions to tennis and her community. She was also presented the WTA Tour's David Gray Service Award for life-long service and commitment to the game. Serves as Chairman for the United States Tennis Association (USTA) Public Affairs Committee and is also President of the USTA Tennis & Education Foundation....A member of the board of trustees of the Baltimore Community Foundation and the McDonogh School, her alma mater...Past president (1991-94) of the WTA Tour Players Association and was a member of the President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports from 1986-92...Minority owner of the Baltimore Orioles, Honorary Chairman of the Baltimore Tennis Patrons and a Vice President of the International Tennis Hall of Fame....Owns Orchard Indoor Tennis Club near home in Maryland... Has attended several White House state dinners, including one honoring the Crown Prince and Princess of Japan (now emperor)...Diaries appeared in two-part Sports Illustrated series in autumn of 1985...Book entitled Passing Shots debuted at US Open in 1986...An accomplished tennis commentator/analyst for ESPN, ABC, CBS, BBC and 7 Sport (in Australia) and was honored with the Broadcaster of the Year award by the WTA Tour. Married to actor George Lazenby, gave birth to George Samuel Lazanby on July 13, 2004.

Career Highlights

Winner(21): 1988 - Brisbane, Sydney, Tokyo [Pan Pacific], European Indoors; 1987 - Canadian Open, New England, Newport, Birmingham; 1986 - Birmingham, Newport; 1985 - Sydney, Melbourne, Birmingham, Filderstadt; 1984 - Chicago, Birmingham; 1983 - Atlanta, Brisbane; 1981 - Perth; 1980 - Carlsbad; 1978 - Columbus.

Winner (111): 1994 - Tokyo [Pan Pacific] (w/Smylie), US Hardcourts (w/Smylie); 1993 - Sydney (w/Smylie); 1992 - Chicago (w/Navratilova), US Hardcourts (w/Navratilova); 1991 - US Open (w/Zvereva), Virginia Slims Championships (w/Navratilova), Tokyo [Nichirei] (w/MJ Fernandez), Brighton (w/Zvereva); 1989 - Australian Open (w/Navratilova), Virginia Slims Championships (w/Navratilova), Indian Wells (w/Mandlikova), Washington, DC (w/Nagelson), New England (w/Navratilova), Sydney (w/Navratilova), US Hardcourts (w/K. Adams), Mahwah (w/Graf); 1988 - Australian Open (w/Navratilova), Roland Garros (w/Navratilova), Virginia Slims Championships (w/Navratilova), Washington, DC (w/Navratilova), New England (w/Navratilova), Brisbane (w/Nagelsen), Tokyo [Pan Pacific] (w/Sukova), Olympics (w/Garrison); 1987 - Australian Open (w/Navratilova), Roland Garros (w/Navratilova), US Open (w/Navratilova), Virginia Slims Championships (w/Navratilova), Miami (w/Navratilova), Washington, DC (w/Burgin), Los Angeles w/Navratilova), Filderstadt (w/Navratilova); 1986 - Wimbledon (w/Navratilova), US Open (w/Navratilova), Miami (w/Sukova), Virginia Slims Championships [Nov.] (w/Navratilova), Washington, DC (w/Navratilova), New England [March] (w/Navratilova), Bridgestone (w/Barb. Potter), Eastbourne (w/Navratilova), Los Angeles (w/Navratilova), Filderstadt (w/Navratilova), New England [Nov.] (w/Navratilova); 1985 - Australian Open (w/Navratilova), Roland Garros (w/Navratilova), Virginia Slims Championships [March] (w/Navratilova), US Indoors (w/Navratilova), Hilton Head (w/Fairbank), Orlando (w/Navratilova), Sydney (w/Smylie), Melbourne (w/Smylie), Eastbourne (w/Navratilova), Filderstadt (w/Mandlikova), Brisbane (w/Navratilova); 1984 - Australian Open (w/Navratilova), Roland Garros (w/Navratilova), Wimbledon (w/Navratilova), US Open (w/Navratilova), Virginia Slims Championships (w/Navratilova), Oakland (w/Navratilova), US Indoors (w/Navratilova), Bridgestone (w/Kiyomura), Eastbourne (w/Navratilova), Mahwah (w/Navratilova), New Orleans (w/Navratilova), Brisbane (w/Navratilova); 1983 - Australian Open (w/Navratilova), Wimbledon (w/Navratilova), US Open (w/Navratilova), Virginia Slims Championships (w/Navratilova), Washington, DC (w/Navratilova), Houston (w/Navratilova), Chicago (w/Navratilova), Dallas (w/Navratilova), Eastbourne (w/Navratilova), Newport (w/Barb. Potter), Los Angeles (w/Navratilova), Tampa (w/Navratilova), Brighton (w/Evert); 1982 - Australian Open (w/Navratilova), Wimbledon (w/Navratilova), Avon Circuit Championships (w/Navratilova), Toyota Circuit Championships (w/Navratilova), Chicago (w/Navratilova), Houston (w/K. Jordan), Dallas (w/Navratilova), Hilton Head (w/Navratilova), Bridgestone (w/Navratilova), Eastbourne (w/Navratilova), Stuttgart (w/Navratilova), Brighton (w/Navratilova), Sydney (w/Navratilova); 1981 - Wimbledon (w/Navratilova), Avon Circuit Championships (w/Navratilova), Toyota Circuit Championships (w/Navratilova), Chicago (w/Navratilova), Dallas (w/Navratilova), Orlando (w/Navratilova), Eastbourne (w/Navratilova), Canadian Open (w/Navratilova), US Indoors (w/Navratilova), Sydney (w/Navratilova); 1980 - Cincinnati (w/DuPont), Carlsbad (w/DuPont), Chichester (w/Stove), Canadian Open (w/A. Smith), Phoenix (w/P. Smith), Sydney (w/Stove), Adelaide (w/Stove); 1978 - Chichester (w/Newberry).

Winner(1): 1987 - Roland Garros (w/E. Sanchez).

United States Olympic Team 1988. United States Fed Cup Team 1986-7, 1989, 1992. United States Wightman Cup Team 1978-81, 1983, 1985, 1987.

Career in Review

1978 - Won first singles title at Avon Futures of Columbus, Ohio d. Latham 61 63
1983-1987 - Team of Navratilova/Shriver won non-calendar year Grand Slams three times: 1983-84, 1984-85 and 1986-87; in 1984-85 season, won total of 10 doubles titles and their record consecutive win streak was ended at 109 matches in 1985 Wimbledon doubles final by Kathy Jordan/Elizabeth Smylie; streak extended from April 24, 1983 to July 6, 1985; d. Evert 64 61 at 1987 Canadian Open In SF, first triumph over Evert in 19 matches; took more sets off Navratilova than any other player in 1986; one set each at New Orleans, New England [Nov.] and the Championships [Nov.]
1988 - Won Olympic Gold Medal in doubles with Garrison; halted Graf s 46-match win-streak at Virginia Slims Championships 63 76(75) in SF after d. Evert in QF
1989-1990 - Injured in December 1989; plagued her in 1990, eventually forcing withdrawal from all summer 1990 tournaments; had arthroscopic surgery in June 1990 to correct a loose and unstable shoulder with a torn posterior glinoid labrum
1991 - Swept Gold Medals at Pan Am Games in singles, doubles and mixed doubles
1992 - Doubles title at US Hardcourts was 79th with partner Navratilova
1993 - Passed $5 million in career earnings following Wimbledon
1995 - Participated in WORLD TEAMTENNIS with the St. Louis Aces