LINZ, Austria - You know what they say: dessert first!

Before the top seeds took part in the Upper Austria Ladies Linz, they got the chance to indulge in a helping of Linzer Torte, one of the region's most famous dishes.

"I like it so much, I think I'll take it with me," top seed Aryna Sabalenka joked after debating the exact fruit flavoring the treat.

Into the semifinals - perhaps powered by the torte? - the J&T Banka Ostrava Open champion admitted it was still on her mind on Friday.

"I don't eat too much sugar at tournaments, so it was tough for me to stop eating it because it was really good. After the tournament, I'll have to have another one, for sure!"

Often packed with a mix of fruit, nuts, and spices, the Linzer torte is a variation on a shortcake traditionally made around the winter holidays in Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, and Germany.

"I'm tasting a mix of cinnamon, strawberry, or cherry?" mused Dayana Yastremska. "My mom makes a cake like this, and I have to ask her to make it again!"

What's the final verdict? Check out the full taste test in a video made by the tournament.

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