Caroline Wozniacki stepped up to the starting line in New York City this morning in the hopes of making a difference in the lives of the new generation - and she nailed it.
WTA Staff

NEW YORK, NY, USA - With all of the will and determination she has shown time and time again on the tennis court, she stepped up to the starting line this morning in the hopes of making a difference in the lives of the new generation - and she nailed it. Caroline Wozniacki completed the New York City Marathon on Sunday, seemingly getting better and better as it went on and finishing in 3:26:33.

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Wozniacki announced in the summer she was going to run the the New York City Marathon, a daunting prospect given it's the largest marathon in the world - it goes through the five boroughs of New York City with a distance of just over 26.2 miles. But as one of the speediest and most tireless players in the sport, she was always one of the best candidates, and there was some extra motivation too.

Wozniacki was running for Team For Kids, a committed group of runners from all around the world who add meaning to their miles by raising funds that fuel New York Road Runners youth programs.

"We raise money for kids who have no - or very limited - access to sports," Wozniacki said.

"We make running groups for them so they can go out and get an active lifestyle, enjoy it and have fun. We also teach them about nutrition and healthy living. All of that has shown a big increase in happiness for kids - they get a healthier body, healthier mind, better grades in school. It all goes together.

"I think it's such a great charity. And we feel like we have to start early - nowadays we have all the computers and technology, but it's very important the kids still go outside, play and have fun."

Wozniacki's time of three hours, 26 minutes and 33 seconds was all the more impressive given she seemed to be getting even better at the end - she averaged 7:53 per mile for the day, but her last tracked pace was 7:18, perhaps that extra motivation pushing her faster toward the finish line.

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