The Hollywood starlet opened up to Entertainment Weekly on what it was like playing WTA legend Billie Jean King in the upcoming film "Battle of the Sexes".
WTA Staff
August 16, 2017

Hollywood headliner Emma Stone opened up recently to Entertainment Weekly about playing WTA legend Billie Jean King in the upcoming film "Battle of the Sexes", slated to hit screens in September. 

The film is a dramatic retelling of the match dubbed by promoters as 'The Battle of the Sexes.'. On September 20, 1973, King took on Bobby Riggs, an aging former major champion who claimed he could still beat any of the leading women on the WTA.

“Billie Jean, in and of herself, was so inspiring,” Stone told Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview. “To get to play a person like her was a very fascinating and scary prospect.

"She was so warm and open with me, but she’s also so fully formed now and has a good 45 years of reflection on this time in her life. I was so desperate not to let her down and was so nervous about it, I sort of tried to get to know her through old footage more than asking her questions.

"I’d ask her questions about the time period, and she was very honest and very open about the struggles of the time and the excitement of it and the pain of it and all of that."

The film, slated for a September 22 release, also stars Steve Carell as Bobby Riggs, and NBC anchor Natalie Morales as Rosie Casals, who was one of the members of the "Original 9" that founded what is now the WTA, alongside King.